15 July 2024
Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)
107 min.
Directed by Peter Weir.
With Rachel Roberts, Dominic Guard, Helen Morse, Anne Lambert, Jacki Weaver, Vivean Gray, Kristy Child.
From the director of 1977's effective horror The Last Wave comes this mesmerizing period mystery.

Turn of the 20th century. A group of virginal Australian schoolgirls prepare for a recreational outing to a nearby volcanic rock formation.

But the school trip turns tragic when three of the students (along with a teacher) inexplicably disappear.

How could the young girls simply vanish...and what diabolical force could be at play? Is there a kidnapper in their midst, or is a supernatural evil to blame?

Slow at times, but hauntingly shot with a great moody atmosphere.

A terrific performance by Rachel Roberts as Mrs. Appleyard, the strict headmistress who ends up another victim of the fateful afternoon.

The absolute best part of Hanging Rock? We never do find out what happened.

Sumptuous photography and a beautiful score by Bruce Smeaton make this excellent weird tale work.

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