30 May 2024
Persecution (1974)
95 min.
Directed by Don Chaffey.
With Lana Turner, Ralph Bates, Trevor Howard, Suzan Farmer, Olga Georges-Picot, Mark Weavers, Patrick Allen.
This Tyburn horror starring screen legend Lana Turner is one strange grand guignol entry.

Oh, how cold-hearted Carrie Masters (Turner) loves her pet cat Sheba!

So when her young son David kills the feline in an act of frenzied jealousy, Carrie never forgives him...and she never forgets.

Now an adult, David (Bates) finds tragedy after tradegy descend upon him: his infant child smothered to death, his wife's 'accidental' end.

Could his icy veined mama really be behind it all?

This kooky, gray-mood horror threatens to be undone by its loopy storyline at every turn.

But overall it's rescued by the strange, acidic atmosphere and complemented by a generally controlled performance from screen vet Turner.

Bates too delivers a solid performance as the tortured son. And there's a super sad ending. No classic by any stretch of the imagination, but not as bad as often reviewed.

Also known as The Graveyard.

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