30 May 2024
The People Who Own the Dark (1976)
94 min.
Directed by León Klimovsky.
With Paul Naschy, Tony Kendall, Nadiuska, Alberto de Mendoza, Maria Perschy, Teresa Gimpera, Antonio Mayans.
Director Klimovsky serves up this odd little Spanish horror.

Several wealthy professionals gather at a remote mountain villa for a sexual getaway of sorts, supposedly a little 'tribute' to the perverse S&M games of the infamous Marquis de Sade. Woo hoo!

Unexpectedly, a nuclear bomb detonates nearby (!), blinding everyone from the countryside and causing them to become ragtag mobs who scour the terrain for food, water...and vengeance.

Strangely unaffected by the explosion, the group of decadent business execs (and their high class hooker lovelies) must fight for their lives against the sightless zombies.

This offbeat apocalypse horror is well directed by Klimovsky (1973's Vampires Night Orgy) and clearly takes its cues from The Last Man on Earth (1961).

But unfortunately it lacks any sense of urgency or despair. The depressing ending musters up some gumption...and by then it's too late.

Nevertheless, Naschy-Klimovsky fans might find more merit here.

Aka Último deseo.

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