30 May 2024
Orca (1977)
92 min.
Directed by Michael Anderson.
With Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Bo Derek, Will Sampson, Keenan Wynn, Robert Carradine, Scott Walker, Peter Hooten.
A heartwrenching and poignant horror. (C'mon, you know it gets to you too...)

Canadian sea game hunter Captain Nolan (Harris) attempts to capture a killer whale. But instead, he maims and kills the poor creature who turns out to be female and pregnant.

Witnessing his mate's murder, a male killer whale begins a far-reaching journey of personal revenge that culminates in a powerful one-on-one showdown.

Harris is good as the unsympathetic Nolan, full of a raw, rough-edged insensitivity his character can never fully transcend.

Too often compared - unfairly - to JAWS, Steven Spielberg's 1975 shark classic, Orca is surprisingly good and really deserves a place all its own: it's a tragic love story with razor sharp teeth of retribution.

And that memorably icy climax gets us every time.

Beautiful score by Ennio Morricone as well as a touching closing ballad.

Also known as Orca: The Killer Whale.

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