21 May 2024
One Deadly Owner (1974)
72 min.
Directed by Ian Fordyce.
With Donna Mills, Jeremy Brett, Robert Morris, Laurence Payne, Eric Lander, Michael Beint.
A very cool possessed car chiller.

Something's come over lovely fashion model Helen Cook (Mills).

She just can't seem to resist the previously owned Rolls she passes in the showroom window every day. So she decides to purchase the expensive high end Royce.

But soon, Helen begins to realize the auto has a sinister spirit all its own...and a deadly purpose for her alone.

As with other thrillers by suspense scribe Brian Clemens (among them 1974's The Next Victim and 1975's If It's a Man, Hang Up), this solid telemystery benefits from a believable lead performance (this time out from likable Mills).

It's all very well done, and there are a few creepy vibes including the Rolls' hands-free driving sessions...courtesy of your friendly, unavenged ghost.

Worth a ride.

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