21 June 2024
One Dark Night (1983)
88 min.
Directed by Tom McLoughlin.
With Meg Tilly, Adam West, Melissa Newman, Robin Evans, David Mason Daniels, Elizabeth Daily.
An enjoyable living dead chiller.

Lord knows why, but high school student Julie (Tilly) wants to become a member of an elite group called The Sisters.

And as part of her initiation into the group, she'll have to spend one night in a creepy old mausoleum.

The problem? A recently interred psychic loony has power - from the beyond the grave - to reanimate the corpses of the dank place.

Soon, a posse of gooey zombies run amok, as Tilly and friends Carol and Kitty all scramble for their lives.

Some good acting (most notably from the game Tilly who also appeared in the surprisingly decent Psycho II), helped by a few admirable undead effects, and a handful of suspenseful moments hold this together.

No classic, to be sure, but this rainy night creepshow (provided by the same director as 1986's Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) is erstwhile fun and harkens back to drive-in low budgeters from a decade earlier.

Also known alternately either as Rest in Peace or as Night in the Crypt.

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