21 June 2024
Nothing Underneath (1985)
94 min.
Directed by Carlo Vanzina.
With Donald Pleasence, Tom Schanley, Renee Simonsen, Nicola Perring, Marie McDonald, Catherine Noyes.
A surprisingly good, minor Italian slasher film.

Hunky Tom Schanley is a park ranger in Wisconsin who has a telepathic connection to his twin sister - a successful haute couture model in Milano.

When she disappears without a trace, he heads over to find her and gets entangled in a web of beautiful models...and grisly murder!

Stylish direction, an exceptionally attractive cast, the fashion runways of Milan, and a pair of huge fabric shears as the killer's weapon of choice...can't go wrong with that!

Genre veteran Donald Pleasence here plays the investigator and is subdued for a change. (But he makes up for it with a strange Euro accent that comes and goes!)

We particularly enjoy the revelation of the killer and the wonderful slow motion finale!

With an original score from Pino Donaggio.

Italian: Sotto il vestito niente.

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