30 May 2024
Night of the Demon (1980)
97 min.
Directed by James C. Wasson.
With Joy Allen, Bob Collins, Michael Cutt, Shane Dixon, Lynn Eastman, Rick Fields, Melanie Graham, Jody Lazarus.
Gory low budget Bigfoot mess.

A college professor (Cutt) and several of his students venture deep into the woods to research the existence of a sasquatch creature reportedly plaguing the area.

But the poor wayward academics discover there's way more truth here than they can handle.

Seems the hairy behemoth not only exists, he's also gotten his groove on with local human girl Wanda.

And woe be to any who try to break up this mixed marriage!

Hampered by subpar acting and awkward pacing, this never reaches any real level of true horror but does sustain a measured degree of fun watchability (note to self: never pee in the presence of killer anthropoids!).

(And yes, since you're wondering, this is the cult fave where the motorcyclist gets his dick ripped off by the Bigfoot creature. So look no further.)

While it won't win any awards for creativity or outstanding acting, the whole endeavor is done with a strange charm and...uh, dare we say, sincerity?

Best scene: the bloody group massacre ending (if one makes it that far), a ripe riot of slashed throats, intestine-ripping and seared faces.

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