18 June 2024
Night of Dark Shadows (1971)
93 min.
Directed by Dan Curtis.
With David Selby, Kate Jackson, Lara Parker, Grayson Hall, John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, James Storm, Thayer David.
A solid sequel to director Dan Curtis' House of Dark Shadows (1970).

Collinwood sees some new activity!

Quentin (Selby) finds himself the last of the Collins family, and so he and wife Jackson move into the old gothic mansion.

But no sooner can the couple call the estate home than they find themselves haunted by the vengeful ghost of a dead witch (Parker).

Perhaps not as (consistently) powerful as its progenitor, Night still has a few good scares and is worth a watch both for Jackson's film debut and Lara Parker's creepy portrayal of ghostly Angelique Collins.

Also known as Curse of Dark Shadows.

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