18 June 2024
The Night God Screamed (1971)
90 min.
Directed by Lee Madden.
With Jeanne Crain, Alex Nicol, Dan Spelling, Michael Sugich, Barbara Hancock, Dawn Cleary, Gary Morgan.
A suspenseful thriller with a nice shock ending.

The wife (Crain) of an evangelical preacher witnesses the brutal murder of her husband by a group of wacko Jesus cult psychos.

But when the distraught Crain puts the three chief culprits away in prison, the rest of "the family" begins to stalk her...Seems they're out for some closure and bloody vengeance!

1940s film star Crain is a pleasure to watch here, and serves up a game performance. The climactic 'trapped in the house' sequences are effectively well done.

Also known as Scream.

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