18 June 2024
The Next Victim (1974)
72 min.
Directed by James Omerod.
With Carroll Baker, T.P. McKenna, Maurice Kaufman, Ronald Lacey, Brenda Cavendish, Max Mason.
This modest chiller - an episode from the Brian Clemens television series Thriller - boasts a solid performance from Baker as well as a handful of moderately enjoyable suspense sequences.

Confined to her wheelchair after an auto accident, beautiful Sandy Marshall (Baker) is left home alone in her apartment building one weekend.

She's worried too. Because several local women have been strangled by a madman who remains at large.

Sandy shouldn't feel so apprehensive though. She's got the psychotic killer all to herself for the weekend, since he's hiding in her very own building!

Will the heartless strangler triumph over the helpless invalid? Or will Sandy withstand the challenge and live?

One time Tennessee Williams gal, Baby Doll Baker is always pleasing to watch and here delivers a fun performance; a conventional thriller in most regards, this warrants a look see for its earnest charm and straightforward atmosphere.

Scripted by Brian Clemens, writer of several 70s telehorrors including 1973's car possession One Deadly Owner and 1975's model-in-peril If a Man Answers, Hang Up!.

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