21 July 2024
The Mysterious Doctor (1943)
57 min.
Directed by Benjamin Stoloff.
With John Loder, Eleanor Parker, Bruce Lester, Forrester Harvey, Lester Matthews, Matt Willis, Frank Mayo, Leo White, Phyllis Barry, David Clyde.
The little Cornish village of Morgan's Head has a big problem.

The residents believe they're being haunted by the decapitated ghost of one of the town founders, Black Morgan.

They're sure this ethereal Morgan is a vengeful (and murderous) spectre, who stalks the moors because he doesn't want the townspeople to reopen their long-closed Wickham tin mine.

But reopening the mine would not only boost the local economy, more importantly it would help the war effort against Hitler.

So what gives? A winsome young Letty (Parker) is determined she'll get to the bottom of this supernatural hokum...even if it means her own demise!

Set in contemporary World War II Britain, this 1943 Warner Bros. flick is a nifty little mystery-thriller.

Besides offering up the chance to see Eleanor Parker in a horror film, it also boasts a number of enjoyable chestnuts.

There's the disfigured town bartender Simon (Mayo), the misfortunate red herring Bart (Willis), not to mention the village's strange new arrival Dr. Holmes (Matthews).

The Mysterious Doctor is often perceived as a minor war propaganda film, but it's just as entertaining when viewed as a sleepy, unpretentious 1940s ghost horror.

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