20 April 2024
My Sister, My Love (1978)
98 min.
Directed by Karen Arthur.
With Lee Grant, Carol Kane, James Olson, Will Geer, Budar.
A really odd, category-defying horror film.

After the death of their father, Ellen (Grant) cares for her unbalanced sister Cissy (Kane) in every conceivable manner, providing her with both emotional and physical love.

Cissy is even indulged in a successive string of orangutan pets...each of which she ultimately kills in frenzied acts of rage. (Wow...)

It seems Cissy has significant mental difficulty adjusting to almost anything: her father's demise, the two sister's relocation back to America from an extended stay in Africa.

And when Ellen takes a business trip away from home, Cissy loses her last vestige of attachment to reality...and moral consequence.

Grant and Kane are excellent in this bizarre character study/horror film, with a final third that really picks up steam and culminates in a tragic, downbeat finale.

Best, most harrowing scene: Kane's psychotic murder of her last 'Mafu.'

Also known as The Mafu Cage, as well as simply The Cage.

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