13 April 2024
My Bloody Valentine (1981)
91 min.
Directed by George Mihalka.
With Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck, Keith Knight, Cynthia Dale, Don Francks, Terry Waterland, Jack Van Evera, Peter Cowper, Alf Humphreys.
A polished & effective slasher from a blood splattered year.

In the sleepy mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a terrible explosion traps several miners underground on Valentines Day.

Miner Harry Warden is the only survivor...a feat accomplished by eating the flesh of his dead co-workers!

Now (understandably) deranged, Harry exacts revenge by murdering the two supervisors who celebrated while others died.

Lastly, he warns the town to *never* again host a Valentines Day dance...

Flash forward twenty years later. Valentine Bluffs prepares to hold its first Valentines Day dance. Woo hoo!

Harry is not pleased. As local townsfolk begin to die gruesome deaths one by one, it would appear that Harry is back in town with a vengeful reminder to forget about Valentine's Day altogether.

Or is he? Could the maniac killer be someone else?

This energetic Canadian slash 'n stalk boasts a likable and believable cast, excellent direction from George Mihalka, solid production values, and a truly claustrophobic mine setting.

Complemented by some well done gore effects courtesy Tom Burman, and a moody score from Paul Zaza.

A must see.

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