21 June 2024
The Mutilator (1983)
86 min.
Directed by Buddy Cooper.
With Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Jack Chatham, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers, Frances Raines.
Middling slasher with a few moments of minor inspiration.

A young boy accidentally shoots his mother. The father returns home and loses his sanity.

Years later, Dad stalks the son's college friends while they stay at the family's remote house.

Just a tad too much this side of low-budget, The Mutilator picks up some steam after a silly first half hour.

To its credit, the killer disposes of his victims in some extremely gruesome ways. One of them is particularly visceral and shocking: he kills one of the girls by taking a hook and shoving it between her legs, gutting her open like a fish. Yikes.

Still, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this one has odd pacing and a lack of a cohesive whole (even for a slasher) which keep it from being anything other than a mild diversion.

For slasher completists.

Also known as Fall Break.

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