13 April 2024
Murder by Phone (1980)
90 min.
Directed by Michael Anderson.
With Richard Chamberlain, John Houseman, Sara Botsford, Barry Morse, Robin Gammell, Gary Reineke.
This genial Canadian horror has a premise that 'sounds' more ridiculous than it actually is, thanks in part to its straightforward approach.

The story: a psycho has managed to create an instrument allowing him to send shock waves through the telephone...blasting his victims to death with sound and electricity.

Suave Chamberlain is an environmentalist who stumbles upon the plot and pieces the puzzle together.

Admittedly it all sounds beyond silly on paper, but this one works because of director Anderson's sure hand at crafting some minor suspense and a few fun murder scenes.

Turns out the madman is a disgruntled phone company worker.

And you thought deciphering your phone bill was torture.

Also known as The Calling.

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