21 June 2024
The Monster Club (1980)
97 min.
Directed by Roy Ward Baker.
With Vincent Price, Donald Pleasence, John Carradine, Britt Ekland, Stuart Whitman, Simon Ward, Richard Johnson.
This horror anthology is harmless good fun - if a bit uneven.

Polite vampire Price meets horror author Carradine and escorts him to the exclusive 'monster club': home to demons, vampires and freaks galore.

There, the blooddrinker relays three terror tales:

A ghoul who can burn flesh to ashes merely by whistling...but who really just wants to be loved.

An honest vampire steadfastly tries to raise a normal family...but discovers a trio of Van Helsings are out to bring him down.

And a film director scouts shooting locations but stumbles upon a hidden village of the flesh eating undead (note the great illustrative work in this final segment).

The mediocre genre stories are passable, and laced with amiable humor. The framing story is pure corn but it entertains, thanks largely to greats Price and Carradine.

With an amusing satirical end.

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