13 April 2024
Midnight Offerings (1981)
96 min.
Directed by Rod Holcomb.
With Melissa Sue Anderson, Mary Beth McDonough, Patrick Cassidy, Marion Ross, Gordon Jump, Cathryn Damon, Dana Kimmell.
It's witch against witch in this spellbinding TV movie!

Melissa Sue Anderson (Happy Birthday to Me, released the same year) is delightfully sadistic as evil 'seventh sister' Vivian, whose success and power comes from her misuse of the dark arts.

But when innocent good witch McDonough (of TV's long running hit series The Waltons) comes to town, it's time for a showdown.

Six fingers, lotsa Latin, cats, cool witch vocab, black crows, a standout battle of telekinesis...it's all here, and you'll dig it.

Fun performances from Anderson and McDonough, while Ross is a nice touch in the uncharacteristic role of Mrs. Moore, McDonough's 'technical Hecate advisor.'

With an excellent fiery climax.

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