21 May 2024
The Midnight Hour (1985)
94 min.
Directed by Jack Bender.
With Shari Belafonte-Harper, Levar Burton, Lee Montgomery, Peter DeLuise, Jonna Lee, Kevin McCarthy, Jonelle Allen.
This good natured TV horror doesn't boast any scares. But it's harmless Halloween fun nonetheless.

Intent on a few seasonal thrills, Belafonte and friends visit the town cemetery on Hallows Eve and recite a centuries-old incantation...invoking evil zombies which rise from their graves!

Soon, their sleepy village is crawling with living dead stiffs...and they're ready to party!

Enjoyable silliness reaches a madcap (and grimacing) zenith with Belafonte doing a Michael Jackson-type dance called "Get Dead!"


Not any blood throughout, but the attack on Shari in the wine cellar by the elder vampiress is kinda cool, whilst a tune by the Smiths playing upstairs complements the action.

And Jonna Lee is cute as pie as the '50s undead bobbysoxer who falls for Montgomery and turns out to be one of those rare breed: a sweet, well mannered zombie who just wants a little love. Aww...

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