15 July 2024
Massacre at Central High (1976)
88 min.
Directed by Renee Daalder.
With Derrel Maury, Andrew Stevens, Kimberly Beck, Robert Carradine, Steve Bond, Rainbeaux Smith, Ray Underwood, Lani O'Grady.
A superior teen revenge thriller.

David (Maury) is the new transfer student at Central High School. His friend Mark (Andrew Stevens, from Brian De Palma's The Fury and others) attempts to help him integrate socially.

But David soon discovers that Central High is ruthlessly dominated by a group of ragtag hooligans who bully and abuse the general populace.

And David isn't about to join their club.

However, after the posse of thugs cripple him for not conforming, David stands his ground and lashes back at them - in what turns into one BIG, bloody revenge fest.

This very strong teen angst film delivers on many levels, and includes some memorable murder sequences.

A surprisingly assured cast (Maury is utterly believable and sympathetic as David) strengthen this undervalued effort.

Highly recommended.

Also known as Blackboard Massacre.

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