19 April 2024
The Man Who Changed His Mind (1936)
66 min.
Directed by Robert Stevenson.
With Boris Karloff, Anna Lee, John Loder, Frank Cellier, Donald Calthrop, Cecil Parker, Lyn Harding.

Also known as Dr. Maniac, this British mad scientist pic is by the numbers, but it's still fun viewing.

Against the better wishes of her family and friends, Dr. Clare Wyatt (Lee) takes a research job with eccentric neuroscientist Dr. Laurience (Karloff).

Once an esteemed leader in the field of brain waves, lately Dr. Laurience has become erratic and unpredictable. But now Clare will see firsthand just how off track Laurience has become.

Seems he's mastered the ability to transfer the brain waves from one simian to another, effectively "switching" their brains and their individual personalities.

But now Laurience wants to duplicate the process...with humans! Can Clare stop this madness before it goes any further, or will she instead become part of Laurience's insane experiments?

Formulaic but well acted, this 1936 horror is often too restrained in its approach and fails to deliver its fair share of chills.

Still, Karloff is always fantastic in any vehicle, no exceptions.

And there's a cool "transformation" scene where Laurience successfully switches the brains of Calthrop and Cellier.

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