18 June 2024
Madhouse (1974)
91 min.
Directed by Jim Clark.
With Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Robert Quarry, Adrienne Corri, Natasha Pyne, Linda Hayden.
In many ways, Madhouse is a similar vehicle to Price's 1973 masterpiece Theatre of Blood.

Paul Toombes (Price) is a washed up horror movie actor best known for playing a character named "Dr. Death."

After a nervous breakdown and an absence from work for over a decade, Toombes is hoping he can make a comeback on TV.

Oops. Bad timing. Seems a strange killer in a skull mask is offing various people in *exactly* the same ways from Vinnie's earlier career highlights.

Not a good omen for Toombes' supposed return! Could the maniacal killer be the already-slightly-unhinged Toombes? If not, who's really the madman?

As always, Price is a pleasure to watch, and Cushing provides excellent support here. And if this one is a bit more convoluted than Theatre of Blood, it still maintains moderate interest, some tense moments, and a few sassy killings!

Also known as Deathday.

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