30 May 2024
Macbeth (1971)
140 min.
Directed by Roman Polanski.
With Jon Finch, Francesca Annis, Martin Shaw, Nicholas Selby, Stephan Chase, John Stride.
The classic Shakespeare tragedy gets the Roman Polanski treatment in this moody, downcast horror.

Soldier of the field Macbeth (Finch) rises through the rank and file and reaches for the top to become King...through heinous acts of murder!

Will Macbeth pay for his o'erreaching misdeeds with his own life...or his immortal soul?

Appropriately bloody and violent, with a pervasive sense of hopelessness - and hordes of creepy atmospherics.

Finch is terrific as the ambitious Macbeth, while Francesca Annis casts just the right shadow as the darkly evil, guiding force that is his Lady.

One of the finest film adaptations of the Bard's work and a near perfect companion piece to Franco Zeffirelli's early - and lighter - Shakespeare outings.

Is Macbeth a horror film, you may ask? Absolutely. Hold, Macduff!

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