18 June 2024
Lady Stay Dead (1981)
91 min.
Directed by Terry Bourke.
With Chard Hayward, Louise Howitt, Deborah Coullis, Les Foxcroft, James Elliott, Roger Ward, George Murray, Brian Hinlsewood.
Surprisingly good psycho stalker pic.

Deranged gardener Gordon (Hayward) really has a way with women.

The strapping lad enjoys tying his naked conquests up, generally abusing and sometimes molesting them.

So after he's turned on by lovely 24 year old model/actress Marie (Coullis), he rapes and brutally kills the poor girl at her secluded beachfront home.

Before long, Marie's sister Jenny (Howitt) arrives for a visit...will Gordon allow her to escape with her life?

This lean Aussie suspense vehicle is pretty successful, thanks to its simplistic 'trapped in the house' approach and a believable performance by lead Howitt.

Maniac Hayward too does a nice job of easing into Gordon's killer psychoses and by the end helps to ratchet up the tension significantly.

Worth seeking out.

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