15 July 2024
Knife of Ice (1972)
90 min.
Directed by Umberto Lenzi.
With Carroll Baker, Alan Scott, Evelyn Stewart, Eduardo Fajardo, Silvia Monelli, Georges Rigaud, Franco Fantasia, Dada Galotti, Lorenzo Robledo, Mario Prado, Olga Gherardi.
A tight giallo from director Umberto Lenzi.

As a child, Martha witnessed the accidental death of her parents, a horrifying tragedy which left the poor girl utterly mute.

Now an adult, the silent Martha (Baker) welcomes her cousin Jenny to her quiet country home...but soon Jenny's cold dead body is found. Seems the poor woman was murdered!

When similar brutal deaths begin to plague the countryside, could all the crimes be the work of the same killer?

Could Martha be next on the madman's list? Who would want the harmless woman dead?

Beautifully shot, with good performances by giallo regulars Baker (a Lenzi favorite) and Rigaud. Absolutely cool finale.

Also known as Silent Horror.

Italian: Il Coltello di ghiaccio.

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