15 July 2024
Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981)
91 min.
Directed by Patrick Regan.
With Marilyn Burns, Fabian Forte, Jon Cedar, Marvin Miller, Chester Grimes, Jed Mills, Gay French, Robert Dryer, Nell Regan.
Rather ineffective living dead/revenge flick.

A father is killed in a tragic incident with a biker gang. His two psychically gifted children resurrect their daddy so that he can exact the necessary revenge on the perps who offed him.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre final girl Marilyn Burns is on hand as the social worker who unites with policeman Forte to unravel the mysterious secrets of the strange children.

This never manages to build up any tension and is marred by some odd pacing.

Bless her heart, Burns is always a pleasure to watch - and she tries here - but she can't singlehandedly make this one rise from its sunken tomb.

Also known as either Vengeful Dead or Revenge of the Zombie.

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