21 May 2024
Julie (1956)
99 min.
Directed by Andrew L. Stone.
With Doris Day, Louis Jourdan, Barry Sullivan, Frank Lovejoy, Jack Kelly, Ann Robinson, Jack Kruschen, Mae Marsh.
Doris Day plays the title role in this surprisingly gripping thriller.

Stewardess Julie Benton (Day) has a bit of a problem. Actually, it's a big problem. Seems her current husband Lyle (Jourdan) is an obsessively jealous, domineering man.

Now, normally the stalwart Julie could handle that. But when she begins to have doubts that Lyle may have murdered her first husband in order to get her all to himself...well, things begin to take on a different pale altogether.

What begins as a conventional "wife threatened by husband" vehicle takes some surprising twists, culminating with Julie (back at her old job as an air hostess) threatened on a plane in flight.

Day sings the haunting opening credits/title song and proves that she was as adept in dramatic thrillers as she was in musicals and comedies.

Leonard Pennario and Leith Stevens composed the tense score. Solid direction by Stone.

Don't miss Day's nice turn in another thriller, the Hitchcockian Midnight Lace.

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