30 May 2024
90 min.
Directed by Brice Mack.
With Lisa Pelikan, Bert Convy, John Gavin, Nina Foch, Jeff Corey, Wesley Eure, Amy Johnston, Louise Hoven, Ray Underwood.
Enthusiastic and enjoyable Carrie clone.

With her rural background and overly zealous bible-thumping father, outsider Jennifer Baylor (Pelikan) is shunned by her fellow students at the upper crust Green View girls school.

The fact that Jennifer has an unnatural "connection" to all kinds of live snakes - the ability to hold them, to make the slimy things do her bidding - well, that doesn't exactly endear her to her new hoighty-toighty friends either.

Constantly berated by her snooty peers, Jennifer ultimately reaches her breaking point and lets her fury fly...with scaly & ssssinister results!

Good for its ilk, generally manipulating the proven "sensitive loner who can't take no more" formula quite well.

There's some nice stylistic choices, including Jennifer's childhood church revival flashback as well as the offbeat 'payback' finale.

Pelikan delivers a strong performance as the innocent and tormented Jennifer, while bitch nemesis Sandra (Johnston) revels in her shameless antics.

Gavin and Convy (as Jennifer's ousted teacher) are both admirable in supporting roles.

Also known as Jennifer, the Snake Goddess.

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