21 June 2024
Jane Doe (1983)
96 min.
Directed by Ivan Nagy.
With Karen Valentine, William Devane, Eva Marie Saint, David Huffman.
This TV thriller is quite good.

A woman named Victoria Schaffer (Valentine) is left for dead in a shallow grave.

She survives with a bout of amnesia and begins a slow road to recovery, reclaiming both her life...and her full memory.

Meanwhile, the serial killer on the loose begins to wonder when she'll regain enough of her memory to identify him.

Will she end up dead like the others?

Solid acting from Valentine (a perennial television presence in the '70s...and usually deservedly so), a tense final third and a twist ending that throws you off guard...make Jane Doe a telechiller gem well worth finding.

Always a pleasure to see Marie Saint, Devane.

From the same director who also did the above average thrillers A Gun in the House and Midnight Lace (both 1981).

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