19 April 2024
Invitation to Hell (1984)
95 min.
Directed by Wes Craven.
With Susan Lucci, Joanna Cassidy, Robert Urich, Kevin McCarthy, Patty McCormack, Joe Regalbuto, Barret Oliver, Soleil Moon Frye, Nicholas Worth, Virginia Vincent.
Rather generic TV horror from director Wes Craven.

This one tell of a likable couple (Urich, Cassidy) who move to the pleasant suburb of Steaming Springs after Urich gets a new job at a specialty digital securities corp.

Soon, however, a strange pattern emerges...seems literally everyone in the small community is a member of the same local spa (run by lovely soap opera queen Lucci).

The catch? Turns out the club is just a front, and Lucci is a demoness who casts the souls of the town inhabitants to hell and replaces them with subservient (if violent) doubles!

Cassidy and Urich are always a joy to watch and it's no surprise that Lucci excels as the sexy succubus of evil here.

But there's nothing new or groundbreaking here, merely a fun late nite view.

Also known as The Club.

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