21 July 2024
Inquisition (1976)
94 min.
Directed by Paul Naschy.
With Paul Naschy, Daniela Giordano, Monica Randall, Ricardo Merino, Tony Isbert, Julia Saly, Antonio Iranzo, Juan Luis Galiardo.
In 16th century France, serious witchhunter Bernard de Fossey (Naschy) and his two dour associates scour the plague-ridden countryside in search of demon worshipping babes to "absolve."

And when they find said demon worshipping babes?

They torture them via grisly punishment and eventually put them to death. Wow. Absolution's a bitch.

But when de Fossey meets lovely & winsome villager Katherine (Giordano), will he succumb to her diabolically fueled plan of personal revenge?

This middling Spanish horror is Naschy's directorial debut and is at its heart enjoyable, thanks to some moody atmosphere (the devil banquet-initiation sequence is kinda cool) and a downbeat ending you'll find either interesting or confusing.

Best scene: under interrogation of being a witch, one of de Fossey's hapless torture subjects gets her entire right nipple plucked clean off by a pair of handy iron pliers...a truly, uh, titillating moment.

Spanish title: Inquisición.

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