18 June 2024
The Initiation (1984)
97 min.
Directed by Larry Stewart.
With Daphne Zuniga, Vera Miles, Clu Gulager, James Read, Frances Peterson, Marilyn Kagen.
A slasher with Daphne Zuniga in a mall. Sublime.

O, The Initiation, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

1) Sorority girls hoping to fulfill their initiation rites endeavor to spend the night
2) at a local mall.
3) Unbeknownst to them, a psychotic killer enters the mall, and
4) begins offing them in various, grisly ways.

This straightforward little slasher turns convoluted towards the end, but otherwise benefits from a good cast, some effective murders, and the never-fail atmosphere of a closed shopping mall at night.

This is a much better vehicle to see Zuniga than The Dorm that Dripped Blood and offers up the results of a higher budget.

Not a bad watch at all.

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