15 July 2024
Impulse (1974)
84 min.
Directed by William Grefé.
With William Shatner, Ruth Roman, Jennifer Bishop, Harold Sakata, Kim Nicholas, James Dobson.
Loopy curiosity terror piece also known as I Love to Kill.

Suave & smooth talking Matt Stone (Shatner) is a bonafide lady killer. Literally.

As a child, little Matt slashed his mother's lover with a longsword and was institutionalized.

Now an adult, demented Matt roams the countryside scamming and wooing wealthy unsuspecting widows...and murdering them when things go awry.

Shatner's infrequent dances of loony madness are a joy to behold here, and his acting 'choices' are deliriously offbeat; spunky vet actress Ruth Roman (and genre semiregular) lends some spice as one of Bill's hapless victims.

But overall shoddy production values and generally lame character development bog this minor '70s psycho thriller down too much to ignore.

Director Grefé also gave us 1972's snakefest Stanley as well as 1976's shark horror Jaws of Death.

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