18 June 2024
If It's a Man, Hang Up! (1975)
73 min.
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan.
With Carol Lynley, Tom Conti, Gerald Harper, David Gwillim, Paul Angelis, Michael Byrne, John Cater, Colin Etherington.
A superior episode from the original Brian Clemens-ITC television series Thriller.

Sexy and beautiful, fashion model Suzy Martin (Lynley) has lots of fervent, enthusiastic admirers...but one is truly demented!

After she begins to receive a series of threatening phone calls from an unseen assailant, Suzy finally caves in and calls the police.

But soon her brother is senselessly killed by a mysterious hit-and-run driver, her dog is kidnapped...and her fear becomes very real.

Is her black-gloved stalker really a stranger, or is it someone from inside her intimate circle of friends?

Thrilling and atmospheric TV movie is a nice showcase for Lynley, the smashing ending an unexpected turn.

Great opening and ending credits.

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