18 June 2024
The House on Sorority Row (1983)
90 min.
Directed by Mark Rosman.
With Kathryn McNeill, Eileen Davidson, Lois Kelso Hunt, Christopher Lawrence, Janis Zido, Robin Meloy, Harley Kozak, Jodi Draigie.
The House on Sorority Row is an undervalued slasher full of zesty pizazz.

Summer break comes to the Theta Pi house and the last bevy of beauties are set to leave their beloved sorority...but not before one last party!

As the girls make their preparations for their swan song fiesta, house mother Slater (Hunt) is determined she'll stop the festivities at any cost.

But after a prank to 'disable' Slater goes terribly wrong, the sisters find someone is out to kill them one by one! Could the psycho really be their white-haired house matriarch or...someone...else?

Generic horror conventions are given some enthusiastic new life here, thanks in part to director Rosman's effective stylings, and a knowing wink to Diabolique.

And the energized cast is a joy to watch (most notably likable lead McNeill and soap queen Davidson).

Memorable shock ending, even if it's not the originally shot climax.

There's a terrific Pino Donaggio-esque score by Richard Band at work here, and it makes for great mood listening.

Remade in 2009 as Sorority Row, based on Mark Rosman's original screenplay titled Seven Sisters.

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