30 May 2024
House on Greenapple Road (1970)
120 min.
Directed by Robert Day.
With Christopher George, Janet Leigh, Julie Harris, Tim O'Connor, Walter Pidgeon, Lynda Day George, Barry Sullivan, Ed Asner, Eve Plumb, Keenan Wynn, Joanne Linville.
Strong TV murder mystery with a standout performance from Janet Leigh.

At the suburban home of the Ords on Greenapple Road, police discover a grisly crime scene full of blood and carnage...but no bodies are present.

Detective Dan August (George) opens an investigation and discovers that Marian Ord (Leigh) was a philandering housewife involved in an assortment of illicit affairs with various playboys around town.

Any one of them could have offed Marian in a crime of passion.

Could Marian's meek husband have gone over the edge and slaughtered his wife? At any rate, where is her body?

Expertly acted by its ensemble cast, Greenapple Road is a cleverly plotted thriller-cum-police procedural aided by classy film noir undertones.

Leigh delivers a stellar turn as the tortured but sympathetic Marian, a needy and fraught creature whose destructive actions guide the entire plot.

Rare, but worth seeking out.

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