18 June 2024
House of Psychotic Women (1973)
90 min.
Directed by Carlos Aured.
With Paul Naschy, Diana Lorys, Eva León, Eduardo Calvo, Inés Morales, Antonio Pica, Luis Ciges.
A moderately entertaining Spanish giallo.

Handyman Gilles (Naschy) arrives in a small town looking for work and soon finds himself employed as a groundskeeper at the home of three attractive sisters.

However, these aren't your ordinary sisters.

One is a certified (if beautiful) nymphomaniac, another is a wheelchair-bound invalid and the third is a defensive pretty with a prosthetic hand.

But when young blonde women begin turning up murdered around the countryside - with their blue eyes viciously poked out - the local police suspect the shady Gilles as the culprit.

Not surprisingly, though, there's more here than meets the, uh, eye.

It seems Gilles' mysterious female employers have a bevy of dark secrets all their own...

This watchable Naschy thriller has some decent atmosphere and a few nice set pieces (most notably the interesting climax/revelation). It's also good to see Naschy out of his werewolf subgenre and here he proves himself capable in this non-monster effort.

Also known as either as Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll or as The House of Doom.

Spanish: Los ojos azules de la muñeca rota.

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