21 July 2024
Honeymoon with a Stranger (1969)
89 min.
Directed by John Peyser.
With Janet Leigh, Barbara Steele, Rossano Brazzi, Joseph Lenzi, Cesare Danova, Eric Braeden, Juan Elices.
Clever TV thriller.

Newlyweds Sandra (Leigh) and wealthy Ernesto (Lenzi) arrive at the latter's Spanish villa for their anticipated honeymoon.

But the next morning, Sandra discovers Ernesto has inexplicably gone missing and so she begins a frenzied search for her new hubby.

When her sister-in-law Carla (scream maven Barbara Steele) arrives accompanied by a totally different man who claims he's Ernesto, Sandra begins fearing for her own sanity.

Is the 'real' Ernesto simply a brute philanderer, or has he been murdered in some sinister plot?

Will Sandra unravel the truth before she's certified bonkers...or will she be found dead?

A local police captain (Brazzi) vows to help Sandra, but she may not like what he uncovers.

Well structured suspense vehicle is singlehandedly carried off by Leigh's excellent performance and bolstered by a thoughtful (if downbeat) denouement; the revelation works thanks to Peyser's careful direction.

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