18 June 2024
Honeymoon Horror (1982)
91 min.
Directed by Harry Preston.
With Cheryl Black, Bob Wagner, William F. Pecchi, Philip Thompson, James Caskey, Paul Iwanski, Margi Curry, Lesley McKinley, Kari Addington.
Kim Bruun Dreyer
Arguing that Honeymoon Horror is a good movie would be foolish.

Still, despite its obvious flaws, this early straight-to-video slasher does have a certain low-budget charm and actually manages to build a sort of rough momentum for the final confrontation with the killer.

A year after having left her husband to die in a fire, Elaine (Cheryl Black) re-opens their honeymoon lodge on Lover’s Island with her new husband, Vic (Bob Wagner).

Three couples arrive to spend their honeymoon there, but disaster strikes when a body is discovered and the dock is set on fire. Vic, Elaine, and the honeymooners are now trapped on the island and must work together to fend off an unseen killer.

Go through the cast overview on IMDB, and you will find that most of the actors never starred in another movie. The editing is choppy and certain shots seem to have been inserted at the wrong point in the movie – such as when the body of a young woman is found and the actress in question is clearly breathing.

Honeymoon Horror will no doubt appeal most to slasher aficionados with a taste for the obscure. Gore is moderate, and the burn makeup on the killer is pretty cool (if not entirely convincing).

There are some hilarious snippets of dialogue, and the actors are perhaps slightly better than the material deserves. That said, we are treated to a jarringly obnoxious performance from William F. Pecchi as the grumpy, overweight figure of impotent authority, the sheriff.

Best scene: The disfigured killer bears down upon Elaine in the lodge. The camera uses the hallway to create a tight, claustrophobic space around him, rendering him a truly menacing figure and emphasizing the impossibility of escape.

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