19 April 2024
Holocaust 2000 (1977)
102 min.
Directed by Alberto de Martino.
With Kirk Douglas, Simon Ward, Agostina Belli, Anthony Quayle, Virginia McKenna, Alexander Knox, Adolfo Celli, Romolo Valli.
From the director of 1974's vomit-heavy The Antichrist and 1985's wild giallo Formula for a Murder comes this surprisingly above average film clearly inspired by The Omen.

Kirk Douglas heads up the cast as a businessman out to set up a thermonuclear plant in the Middle East.

His son (Ward) seems willing to help him in any way possible...of course, his son is the Antichrist hellbent on using the plant for Armageddon!

And woe be to any who oppose the project...as each obstacle meets with a grisly death.

Alternately more subtle than The Omen...yet with sudden bursts of violence more shocking than anything in Donner's original.

Classic screen veteran Douglas & the supporting crew here convey nicely the apocalyptic threat as Ward's plans reveal themselves like sinister tendrils unfurling.

Beautifully conceived by de Martino and with a memorably stirring score by Ennio Morricone.

Also known as The Chosen as well as Rain of Fire.

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