21 July 2024
The Hand (1981)
104 min.
Directed by Oliver Stone.
With Michael Caine, Andrea Marcovicci, Annie McEnroe, Bruce McGill, Viveca Lindfors, Rosemary Murphy, Mara Hobel, Pat Corley.
A subpar horror film from director Oliver Stone.

A cartoonist (Caine) loses his hand in a terrible automobile accident but soon finds his ex-digits still have quite a bit of dexterity left in them...as it reaches out and kills all those who anger its once-owner!

This odd horror feature from director Stone never picks up steams...unlike the mobile hand, it simply lies there.

One or two decent sequences - and the acceptable production standards - can't seem to lift this above sleepy mediocrity.

Final conclusion: nothing special. Strictly for Caine filmography completists or Stone enthusiasts.

Not to be confused with 1960's drive in fare also titled The Hand.

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