21 July 2024
A Gun in the House (1981)
100 min.
Directed by Ivan Nagy.
With Sally Struthers, David Ackroyd, Valorie Armstrong, Joel Bailey, Matthew Faison, Missy Francis, Jenny Gago.
Sally Struthers kicks some serious ass in this combination robbery-revenge-gun advocacy powerhouse TV movie.

After a rash of crimes begin to plague her neighborhood, demure suburban housewife Emily decides to buy a gun for her own protection.

But when she's attacked and nearly raped, Emily is sickened to find herself charged with the first degree murder of one of her assailants!

Frightened yet energized, she'll find the man who attacked her...but when she does, she'll be ready. Showcase performance for Struthers is expertly realized, exploitation content doesn't disappoint.

The raw, knockout climax is a nice capper.

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