21 May 2024
Girl's School Screamers (1984)
85 min.
Directed by John P. Finegan.
With Mollie O'Mara, Sharon Christopher, Mari Butler, Beth O'Malley, Karen Krevitz, Monica Antonucci.
While no doubt it's true that horror films with bad acting and special effects have their audiences, this one truly has little to recommend it.

The story: a school inherits a huge old private house bequeathed by a millionaire.

As six lusty, busty coeds decide to spend the weekend at the place, they find their ranks diminishing one by one, as they fall prey to a killer.

Oh yeah. And there's some kind of subplot about reincarnation in this rancid stinker. Just horrid.

Only for the above mentioned fans of the worst.

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