30 May 2024
Ghosthouse (1987)
87 min.
Directed by Umberto Lenzi.
With Lara Wendel, Greg Scott, Donald O'Brian, Mary Sellers, Ron Houck, Kate Silver, Martin Jay, Kristen Fougerousse.
A gory Italian frightfest - and director Lenzi's visceral contribution to the haunted house/poltergeist genre.

A posse of young fodder assemble at an old New England manor...lured there by some weird radio-transmitted messages.

But not long after, a little girl and a sinister-looking doll begin offing the 'guests' in grisly fashion.

What diabolical experience in the young child's past could drive her maniacal spirit to such bloody acts?

To be honest, the whole thing is rather incomprehensible. But Lenzi's work is very often delightful to watch, and here he throws in fun gimmicks and some generally solid FX which help to secure Ghosthouse a place as an enjoyable weekend hauntaway.

Also known as La Casa 3.

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