21 May 2024
Funeral Home (1980)
93 min.
Directed by William Fruet.
With Lesleh Donaldson, Kay Hawtry, Barry Morse, Dean Garbett, Harvey Atkin, Alf Humphries.
Lesleh Donaldson (a horror regular with 1983's Curtains and 1981's Happy Birthday to Me) is good in this early '80s variation on a PSYCHO theme.

A young woman (Donaldson) travels to her Grandmother Chalmers' country home (formerly a funeral parlor) to assist her in setting up the place as a summer tourist spot, a sort of bed and breakfast.

But soon, doors are creaking open in the night, muffled voices are heard in the basement...and people begin to go missing.

What deadly secret could be plaguing the place? Could there be something...hidden...or hiding...in the cellar below?

Hawtry is pretty good as the strange & jittery grandmother and, while one knows exactly where this is gonna all lead, this one manages to pull it together and have fun with a tried n' true concept.

Donaldson (where have believable, sweet-lookin' gals like this gone?) is a delight to watch and manages just the right amount of screams and terror in the closing relevations.

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