18 June 2024
Fortress (1985)
88 min.
Directed by Arch Nicholson.
With Rachel Ward, Sean Garlick, Elaine Cusick, Laurie Moran, Marc Gray, Ray Chubb, Bradley Meehan, Rebecca Rigg, Beth Buchanan, Asher Keddle, Anna Crawford, Richard Terrill.
This riveting TV survival horror is a thrilling variation on William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

In rural Australia, schoolteacher Sally (Ward) begins a routine day of class with her students...when several masked gunmen ambush and kidnap the group for ransom.

But after the criminals transport the frightened children and their teacher to a secluded mountain range, Sally and the young ones find they must fight their captors for survival...even to the bloody end.

Stellar acting from all involved easily carries off this adventure-turned-horror pic; Ward (of Night School and The Final Terror) delivers a particularly spectacular performance.

A well calculated atmosphere of suspense permeates throughout, underscored by a darkly triumphant ending.

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