21 May 2024
Formula for a Murder (1985)
90 min.
Directed by Alberto De Martino.
With David Warbeck, Carroll Blumenberg, Andrea Bosic, Rossano Brazzi, Christina Nagy, Loris Loddi, Rodolfo Ruzza, Adriana Giuffre, Daniela De Carolis.
Energetic and entertaining giallo from director De Martino (Holocaust 2000 as well The Antichrist).

As a child, Joanna was raped & assaulted by a man dressed as a priest.

Now grown and physcially handicapped, she's learning to cope with her condition...and her sizable financial inheritance.

But when a 'priest' begins terrorizing her and promising her imminent death, is it an authentic link to her past or someone wholly from the present?

Satisfyingly brutal murder sequences (especially a violent, well-edited death-by-shovel) buoy an occasionally erratic plotline.

Both Warbeck and Nagy shine as leads, particularly in the extended chase finale.

Also known as 7 Hyden Park: la casa maledetta and also The House of the Cursed.

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