27 May 2024
Forced Entry (1975)
88 min.
Directed by Jim Sotos.
With Tanya Roberts, Ron Max, Nancy Allen, Brian Freilino, Vasco Valladeres, Robin Leslie, Frank Verroca, Bill Longo.
This clunky psycho stalk pic is from the director of 1981's slasher Sweet Sixteen.

Awkward garage mechanic Carl (Max) has a problem.

He can't seem to form meaningful emotional or sexual relationships with women...so he abducts hapless young women, physically assaults the poor things and brutally murders them.

When lovely Roberts becomes his latest customer, Carl decides she'll also become his next conquest.

Poorly paced and haphazardly edited, Forced has little to recommend it (besides featuring the debut of TV's Charlie's Angels Roberts).

Max does an okay job as the demented and mumbling Carl, but Sotos focuses on him entirely too much and the loony's psychosis isn't that interesting. Also known as The Last Victim.

Look for Nancy Allen as one of Carl's rape victims.

Only scene of note: a frightened Tanya discovers the grocery delivery boy in her kitchen...with his neck slit wide open.

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