18 June 2024
The Final Terror (1981)
81 min.
Directed by Andrew Davis.
With Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, Adrian Zmed, John Friedrich, Mark Metcalf, Akosua Busia, Lewis Smith, Joe Pantoliano.
The Final Terror is a good, rather underappreciated little killer-in-the-woods slasher that foregos bloodletting in favor of underscoring its creepy forest setting.

Also boasts a handful of suspenseful setups, as well as starring super fresh beauties Ward and Hannah, and hunky Zmed (all relative unknowns at the time).

The story is tried and true: a group of skilled forest rangers decide to go camping in the deep woods. But they soon discover they've ventured into deadly territory!

Seems there's a wild backwoods mama who's out to protect her turf...meaning, these kids are gonna die, one by one!

Are these expert campers doomed to a dark destiny, or will they survive by the skin of their wits and ingenuinity?

The killer in Final Terror is effectively scary - disguised in a mess of forest shrubbery, seen mostly from behind trees and amongst the shadows - scurrying about in the woods.

Most effective is one scene, with the deranged maniac scuttling across the top of the frightened campers' bus at night!

Another of our favorite scenes is when the killer throws the body of one his previous victims down upon the raft of the fleeing kids. Good stuff.

Also known as Campsite Massacre or as Carnivore.

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