30 May 2024
The Fifth Floor (1978)
90 min.
Directed by Howard Avedis.
With Dianne Hull, Patti D'Arbanville, Bo Hopkins, Julie Adams, Robert Englund, Sharon Farrell, Cathey Paine, Mel Ferrer.
Good psycho ward terror.

Likable young Kelly (Hull) is poisoned in an ill fated murder attempt and instead finds herself wrongly committed to a mental institution for short term psychiatric evaluation...the ominous fifth floor.

But after thug orderly Hopkins forces himself on her, Kelly slowly comes to realize her stay in Nut City may be an extended one.

This crazyhouse horror has some suspenseful moments and an authentic sense of impending dread throughout; Hull delivers a strong performance, while the supporting cast rises to the occasion (including Hopkins as jerky Carl).

Based on a true story.

From the director of Mortuary (1983). But don't let that stop you from seeking out this above average little freaker.

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